Ardbeg SuperNova TT 141214


A lovely sample of Ardbeg Supernova nestled beneath its Glencairn, waiting to be tasted.

One of the things about whisky is the great community all around it. One of the most loved members is Johanne McInnis, aka
Johanne is tireless in her whisky endeavors. She does superb seminars, hosts tastings and organizes Twitter Tastings for enthusiasts across Canada and around the world.
Sunday Dec 14.14 had almost 20 participants involved in SuperNova2014, a cross-country tasting where we all participate in assessing the sample we received courtesy of Johanne and Ardbeg Ambassador Ruaraidh (rhymes with brewery) MacIntyre.
It’s a super-fun time with everyone showing their whisky set-ups. Some people have Ardbeg branded glasses, while other partipants get technical doing comparisons with another Supernova they have in their whisky collection.


I use The Glencairn Glass for all my whisky assessments. That is, unless, I’m in a “testing room” rather than a “tasting room”. In a testing room, where I will be marked on my assessment of a whisky, I prefer to use an ISO Standard tasting glass.
But today we are tasting for both enjoyment and assessment…so Glencairn it is.
Having poured the Ardbeg Supernova into the glass, I’d describe the color as Gold-bright as compared to Gold-Light.
Promptly at 2pm we started the #Supernova2014 Twitter Tasting!
Color: Gold. From light to bright
Nose: Smoky. Peat. Tropical Fruit; banana, Pineapple. Spicy. Pepper & cinnamon. Pine on the retro-nasal.
Palate: Creamy mouthfeel. Slightly salty. Mushroom makes an appearance. With each sip I got an intriguing licorice aroma on the nose.
Finish: I found the finish a bit confusing, really. While it seemed to be a short finish, I couldn’t deny there was still something going on, it just wasn’t what I expected. Giving it time, I have to admit the cigar tobacco finish was phenomenal. Lots of dark cacao and earthy coffee.
At 55% abv, this dram is amazingly well-integrated, sip-friendly; no water needed.
Supernova2014 global distribution limited to only about 10,000 bottles with about 500 in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Ardbeg SuperNova TT 141214

  1. Simultaneous online tastings? This is a revelation! Sounds like an excellent idea – and I’m very jealous that you got to try the Supernova – although more jealous of those who were able to compare this Supernova to previous releases. It’s been an unfulfilled slot on my bucket list for some now.
    Anyway, great article!
    Keep on waffling,

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