St. Ambroise Stout Imperial Russe 2014


Nose: Coffee. Black liqourice
Palate: Vanilla. Toasted Coconut. Charcoal … no, wait – it’s like ash, on the back palate.
Finish: Blackstrap Molasses, at 1/2 the sweetness, lingering…and there’s some tobacco… is that green apple? I can’t be sure.
…and that’s the whole thing about this stout. It’s chameleon-like; changing with every sip.

This is a Canadian treasure. St-Ambroise Beers are world class. They’ve been around since 1989 by McAuslan Brewery.

Poured into the glass it’s opaque, expresso color…which reminds me-pour it into a big bowl wine glass or at least some sort of snifter cuz this stout has aromas that you will enjoy through the entire tasting experience.

9.2% abv makes this a big-boy-beer. But no matter how hard you try, you’ll never find the alcohol dominating. St-Ambroise is perfectly balanced, made from a blend of Cascade, Goldings & Willamette hops.
Bourbon wood-aging brings a complexity that is unparalleled.

Buy a case of every St-Ambroise Imperial Stout you can find.
Drink a few… but always age a few so at some point in the future you can host a tasting and have vertical fun with your friends.

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