Wiser’s Small Batch Canadian Whisky


Nose: Citrus Fruit. Marshmallow. Dried Fruit. Cashew. Sweet Vanilla

Palate: Creamy entry gives way to a spritz which I could only accredit to the 43.4% abc…but it was distracting. Butterscotch flavors were sidelined by the overwhelming butterscotch aroma lifting like a cloud.
Honey and a cranberry fruitiness preceded burnt toffee.
There’s a heavy corn influence at the end.

Finish: Medium to short. The alcohol and tannin remain on the gums.

Overall, I’d say Wisers Small Batch Canadian Whisky makes a better mixer than sipper.

The corn is very pronounced at the end, lingering in the throat likes it’s waiting for something to wash it down.

I’m a big fan of the Wiser’s 18 to pair with cigars.
Wiser’s Legacy is one of my favourite sipping whisky’s.
So Small Batch fills that niche of one of the Wiser’s for mixing.

2 thoughts on “Wiser’s Small Batch Canadian Whisky

  1. I would have an opinion, but the chances of me tracking down any of this range in Australia are minimal to none. It’s interesting to read about, though. Maybe I’ll just have to hit up Canada some day…
    Keep on waffling,

    • I completely understand. And even in Canada, not all Canadians have liquor boards that bring in all the great Canadian Whisky that is out there. It’s a very compacted relationship between the provinces that have controlled liquor board compared to the province that has privatized liquor laws.
      Perhaps some day we can exchange drams! 🙂

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