Port Ellen 28yo vs OMC Port Ellen 27 yo


Is it really fair to compare one Port Ellen bottling to another?
Especially when one is 2 years younger than the other?
When one is an independent bottling?
When one is Cask Strength at 55.3% and the other is at 50% abv?
Fair or not…here we go.
First of all, unless you are a die hard Cask Strength Fan , the 29yo PE is going to hit you right between the eyes. Not a bad thing, really, but something to be considered.
There was only one guy involved in this tasting…and he’s someone who knows his whisky. He diluted this PE 4:1 with water. Of course, I thought this was sacrilege, but when I tasted the 27yo OMC PE, I kind of understood.
The Old Malt Cask Port Ellen 27yo is really quite delightful to drink. None of the extra abv on the nose to distract. There’s some Peat, but more chocolate and the greatest ash I’ve ever smelled on a Scotch.
The palate matches the nose perfectly.
Not only that, but hours later, while enjoying the best pizza on the prairies, the Peat came through as though I’d just tasted it.
It’ll be interesting to see what my other whisky friends think… but I gotta admit that dropping the abv down was what separates the Douglas Laing bottling  making it unique.  

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