The Glenlivet Squadron 70

The Glenlivet SQUADRON 70

For the first time ever, The Glenlivet is offering an once-in-a-lifetime experience available only to Scotch whisky lovers in Canada: the rare release of a one-of-a-kind, hand-selected single cask named The Glenlivet Single Cask: Squadron 70.

This bottling is to honour the descendant of The Glenlivet’s founder George Smith: Captain John Gordon Smith Grant. A pilot in World War One and missing heir to The Glenlivet Distillery, he was wounded in action and received care at a Canadian field hospital in Doullens, France. His funeral was presided over by the RC Bishop of London, Ontario.

Only a few bottles will be poured and to get in on this opportunity.

The bottles are now being hand-delivered at a special tasting with The Glenlivet’s Global Brand Ambassador, Ian Logan.

Watch the video to learn more about the journey of the Squadron 70 bottling and what makes it special.
Captain John Gordon Smith Grant (revised)-2 Single Cask Squadron 70 Label (FINAL)-2

Jamaica Rum Pot Still. Rum Nation

Nose: Lepages Glue. Resin. Peach. Almond Rocha. Tar.
Palate: OMG. Not what I expected! Sugar Cane explodes on the mouth.

100% Pot Still.
This is such a fun pour! There’s no way I’d have put this at 57%abv. Not because it doesn’t show up on the palate, but because there’s so much going on in this glass that it reaches to the back palate and retro-nasal.


Patron Reposado 100% Agave Wine & Beyond Exclusive

Bottled exclusively for Wine & Beyond
Barrel: Limousin
Bottle: 264/408


Nose: Beautiful fresh aromas. Floral. Interesting Oak aromas, which I’ve never really got off any other tequila.

Palate: chocolate and a bit of cherry.

Finish: spectacular! This is one of the most pleasant tequilas I’ve ever tasted in its price point.
Wine & Beyond has hit it out of the park with this bottling.
Available now, but don’t wait as this is a limited offering!

The Singleton Trinite from the Glen Ord Distillery

There is so much information on the bottle, I don’t know where to start.

First of all, it’s The Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky of Glen Ord.
Reserve Collection

Trinite – from The Glen Ord Distillery Muir of Ord, Ross-Shire.

According to the label, this Scotch is an extraordinary Travel Retail exclusive Single Malt crafted in three stages for remarkable richness and a deep, harmonious

Whiskies were matured separately in American Oak, European Oak and married together in a third Cask, where they were given time to develop the distinctively rounded and rewarding flavours of the whisky that has been made at Glen Ord since 1838.

Well, I’m convinced that I should taste it!

Nose: Light. Juicy red berries. Graham Wafer. Fresh squeezed orange juice. And lots of nutty aromas. Maybe a little cereal.

Palate: Strawberry. Like one of those hard candies with a soft centre; the strawberry just explodes in your mouth.
Red nib licorice and a hint of milk chocolate proceeds a rather short finish.

Overall, it’s an OK dram. I have a soft spot in my heart for Glen Ord, so I’m enjoying this dram



Oban 21yo Limited Edition

Region: West Highland
Natural Cask Strength: 58.5% abv
Bottle No. 1772/2860

Oban Distillery was established in 1794.

Nose: Peach. Tomato Leaf. Butterscotch. Almond Rocha. Cashew. A really nice assortment of aromas emanating from this dram.

Palate: A fantastic mouthful of dark chocolate, so of course, what’s not to love!
I always check the nose again after the 1st sip, just to see if things have changed, but to its credit, the Oban 21yo stays true.

2nd sip: Cinnamon Hearts-but the centre, not the coating. Lemon curd on the finish.
But there’s just a hint of smoke. And maybe a little bit of pink pepper.
Even through the 58.5%abv, the Oban 21yo is surprisingly gentle on the palate.

There’s a little tannin on the gums and the alcohol lingers a bit, too… but it’s not overpowering.
Make no mistake, Oban 21yo is a bold dram, bit it’s also a great, complex, well -balanced expression.