Brora 25yo Scotch Whisky

Region: Coastal Highland
Nose: Lovely cedar wood. Marshmallow. Red Berry Fruit- red currant. There’s a real fresh scent to this dram, like a coastal influence. This is followed by melon and tropical fruit.
Palate: a natural Cask Strength sensation! Absolutely palate perfect chocolate covered cherry and this appealing back lift aroma of cigar box cedar. There’s a soft smokiness to Brora 25 that was quite unexpected.
Licorice, first black – then red.
For everything that’s going on with this dram, it’s all in harmony and really very exciting for anyone who wants their whisky to take them on an olfactory journey.
Brora 25 is so well balanced you’d never know it’s 56.3% abv.
It’s soft on the nose and luxurious on the palate.


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