Bunnahabhain 20yo Duncan Taylor Dimensions

Nose: First thing I picked up was a touch of alcohol on the nose. Now, some might say that at 51.4% abv, it’s to be expected, but whether in wine or whisky, the appeal to the palate is balance. Getting that whiff of alcohol lead me to wonder what the rest of the dram would be like.

Spicy cinnamon and sweet cloves made an appearance, followed by just a hint of smoke, but not Peat.
With a bit of time to air, Bunnahabhain 20yo also showed a lot of citrus, more orange than lemon.
Put a dollop of vanilla on top of it all and you’ve got some nice aromas in the Glencairn, once the abv blows off.

Palate: Oak. More oak. There’s a bit of this dram that stays just a little too long on the roof of the mouth at the back of the palate.
2nd sip delivered a nice chocolate note.

But where’s the Peat?… was the question that plagued me through this dram.
Maybe Duncan Taylor and Bunnahabhain planned it that way, but for some of us when we see Islay on the label we look forward to Peat.
Then again, there’s another possibility and that’s the group of people who want to have Islay in their whisky library, they’re not Peat-heads.
This is the bottle for them. Just enough smoke to make it Islay, with enough diversity in the glass to add Dimensions, which is exactly what this Duncan Taylor series is called.



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