Oban 21yo Limited Edition

Region: West Highland
Natural Cask Strength: 58.5% abv
Bottle No. 1772/2860

Oban Distillery was established in 1794.

Nose: Peach. Tomato Leaf. Butterscotch. Almond Rocha. Cashew. A really nice assortment of aromas emanating from this dram.

Palate: A fantastic mouthful of dark chocolate, so of course, what’s not to love!
I always check the nose again after the 1st sip, just to see if things have changed, but to its credit, the Oban 21yo stays true.

2nd sip: Cinnamon Hearts-but the centre, not the coating. Lemon curd on the finish.
But there’s just a hint of smoke. And maybe a little bit of pink pepper.
Even through the 58.5%abv, the Oban 21yo is surprisingly gentle on the palate.

There’s a little tannin on the gums and the alcohol lingers a bit, too… but it’s not overpowering.
Make no mistake, Oban 21yo is a bold dram, bit it’s also a great, complex, well -balanced expression.


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