Mortlach 25yo.


Full of Savory notes, the Mortlach 25 is an aroma & palate sensation from whisky matured in mostly refill American Oak Casks.

Nose: Figs, oranges but more like marmalade than fresh, variety of earthy spices like black pepper, but with a hint of the sweet, like cinnamon.

The nose becomes more Savory with time. Someone in the tasting room of the Nth Universal Whisky Experience 2015 suggested “Smoky Bacon Crisps”.

Palate: A bit of tannin on the attack. Black tea. Dried Mushrooms. Rich fruit, both fresh & dried

Finish: Beautifully balanced. Long with lovely citrus fruit lingering on the palate.

This is a complex whisky that reflects the care this Dufftown distillery takes in the making of this Quarter Century bottling.

It’s no wonder Mortlach made The Spirit Business list of Top Ten Most Investable Scotch Whisky Brands

Whisky BBQ Braised Back Ribs. Radisson Hotel Atrium Cafe YEG


It takes a lot of courage for a girl to eat finger – lickin’ good ribs in front on someone she doesn’t really know, right? But I did just that at The Atrium Cafe located in the Radisson hotel on Gateway Boulevard in Edmonton, AB …and it was worth the BBQ sauce on my cheeks!

I was mesmerized by the menu description of Full Rack Baby Back Ribs, cooked in the Atrium’s own Unique Dry Spice Rub, basted in Whisky BBQ sauce. The magic word, of course, was whisky…because, as you know, I can’t resist anything that has whisky in the descriptor.

Just as I was thinking it couldn’t get any  better, Atrium’s friendly & efficient server advised there was a choice of 2 sides from which we could choose. They included baked potato, sweet potato fries, rice, seasonal vegetables, house salad, Ceasar salad or fresh asparagus.

Wow! Something for everyone. You can see I decided on the fresh asparagus, cooked to perfection with just a slight wash of butter & salt and the Ceasar salad. I loved the diversity in side-selects and wish every restaurant could offer more than the typical carb options.

When dinner arrived to the table, the plates were really warm; a nice touch that allows hot foods to stay the perfect temperature right to the end of the meal. This was a much appreciated detail.

The main event, of course, were the ribs. Oh, whatever ingredients the Radisson Atrium is using for the rub & Whisky sauce, they’ve hit it out of the park!  It was really delicious, with a perfect balance of sweet, tangy & smoky.

Although the ribs weren’t exactly what I’d call fall-off-the-bone tender, everything was good enough to finish right to the last bite. It was all washed down with a nice accompaniment of Hardy’s Shiraz red, red wine.

Restaurant goers sometimes don’t consider hotel options when it comes to enjoying dinner out, but the experience with Radisson Atrium Cafe suggests this is a restaurant worth remembering.

With a 6 oz. glass of wine, dinner for 2 can come in under $75.00 all in…and that’s OK