Prairie 360 Restaurant. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada

When one travels, one hopes to find a quality restaurant within walking distance of the hotel in which they are staying.  For the next 2 days, The Fort Garry is my destination hotel in downtown Winnipeg, MB. This quaint establishment, although rumored to be haunted, has welcomed visitors from all around the globe.
Through friends recommendations, I decided to try Prairie 360, the restaurant next door but several stories higher than the Hotel Fort Garry.
The signage is impressive as one takes a glass elevator into heaven where Prairie 360 restaurant is perched on the 30th floor of Fort Garry Place.

Upon entering its welcoming gates, I was met with a friendly greeting and seated window-side to enjoy the 360 degree ambience of this revolving restaurant.
Patrick, the knowledgeable & well-spoken server, presented the wine & dining menus with just the right amount of warm professionalism. I always appreciate a server who is friendly, but not familiar.  I’m a single diner who’s evolved to appreciate dining alone, preferring to not be interrupted while attending to the tasks at hand … writing this blog, for instance.
But the more important responsibility is assessing and deciding which wine to have with dinner.

Prairie 360 Restaurant wine menu is extensive, with an astounding number of wines by the glass; red, white, rose, sparkling & dessert wines and even more choices by the bottle.

I was delighted to discover Prairie 360 stocks several selections from my favourite Portugal producer, Quinta do Crasto. Thankfully, they are happy to re-cork any wine which remains in the bottles at the end of dinner … so go ahead & order that special bottle because you can take it home with you!
Without hesitation, I ordered this very special bottle of wine.

Immediately upon 1st taste, I was transported to the Quinta do Crasto cellar, which I had visited in 2014, and the emotions it coaxed out of me were astounding.  It’s magical when a wine smells & tastes exactly the same whether it’s in the Douro region of Portugal or the wheat-fields of the prairies in Canada.  Such is the magic of @QuintadoCrasto

The 2013 Quinta Do Crasto has a mesmerizing oak influence, woven beautifully through aromas of black cherry, ripe raspberry and a mint-like freshness that makes this reasonably priced red wine an excellent pairing with almost everything on Prairie 360’s extensive evening menu.

Dinner selection was the Venison … a scaloppini with a sweet marsala wine sauce, black pearl barley mushroom & leek risotto supported by baby beet, carrots & zucchini.
This is a dish to which the camera isn’t kind, so there will be no picture.
My one recommendation would be to request the risotto be served in a separate bowl.

Overall, however, this dining experience was a delight. The water glass was constantly refreshed, the bread & whipped butter was fresh & delicious and the wine menu will satisfy the most discerning palate.

Great food, amazing wine and spectacular views – as shown in the picture below.
Dinner Entrees served from 4:30pm to close daily.
Dinner Entree Prices: $27 to $52
Wine: 120 choices by the bottle; 25 by the glass

Dress Code: Casual to Business
83 Garry St | Winnipeg MB | R3C 0R3

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