St. Ambroise Stout Imperial Russe 2014


Nose: Coffee. Black liqourice
Palate: Vanilla. Toasted Coconut. Charcoal … no, wait – it’s like ash, on the back palate.
Finish: Blackstrap Molasses, at 1/2 the sweetness, lingering…and there’s some tobacco… is that green apple? I can’t be sure.
…and that’s the whole thing about this stout. It’s chameleon-like; changing with every sip.

This is a Canadian treasure. St-Ambroise Beers are world class. They’ve been around since 1989 by McAuslan Brewery.

Poured into the glass it’s opaque, expresso color…which reminds me-pour it into a big bowl wine glass or at least some sort of snifter cuz this stout has aromas that you will enjoy through the entire tasting experience.

9.2% abv makes this a big-boy-beer. But no matter how hard you try, you’ll never find the alcohol dominating. St-Ambroise is perfectly balanced, made from a blend of Cascade, Goldings & Willamette hops.
Bourbon wood-aging brings a complexity that is unparalleled.

Buy a case of every St-Ambroise Imperial Stout you can find.
Drink a few… but always age a few so at some point in the future you can host a tasting and have vertical fun with your friends.

Duchesse De Bourgogne. Belgium Beer


Flanders Red Ale. 6.2% abv. Brewed using traditional methods.
This beer is a relevation. The aromas sparkle with cherries and red fruit. Since aromas constitutes the majority of what we actually taste, those fruit descriptors translate perfectly on the palate.
Make no mistake, the Duchesse De Bourgogne is complex yet refined.
It’s known as “The Burgundies of Belgium” for a reason…it has a distinct wine-like influence.
Matured in oak casks for months, the result is a beer that is rich in texture with Champagne-like finesse in the carbonation.
Nose: Red & black fruit with a hint of sour cherries.
Mouthfeel: Refreshing with bubbles that seem to evaporate on contact.
Palate: Utterly refreshing. Bright cherry fruit, zesty green apple covered in thin caramel coating and a hint of vanilla from the oak Cask that carries it all in.
Finish: Long and thoroughly satisfying with the perfect impact of a light sour note that satisfies the palate.