Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye Whisky


Winner of Whisky Advocates 2014 Canadian Whisky of the Year, this Rye proved itself worthy of distinction for a few reasons.
Nose: Light aromas of black pepper & dark berry fruit.
Mouthfeel:  Served neat, as a sipper, takes a bit of adjustment.
The 1st sip comes off a little hot. This is not due to the low 40%abv, but probably more to the balance of single grain rye through the aging process.
By the 2nd sip the tastebuds had adjusted and CC Chairman’s Select was acceptable as a sipper.
Palate: Peppery spice with a wee bit of nuttiness. 
Finish: Short with not much complexity
Mixer or Sipper: I’d say mixer, unless, like me, you enjoy a bit of a bite to your Canadian Whisky.
Mixing it with cola brings out a more pronounced sweetness. Ginger Ale gives it more butterscotch on the nose and almost a stone fruit retro.
Water is the best mixer, in my opinion, revealing a distant lemon aroma on the nose and an unexpected milk chocolate taste at the sides of the palate.
At under $30, CC Chairman’s Select is a great choice.