Wayne Gretzky No 99 Okanagan 2012 Cab Sauvignon Syrah


Nose: Cherry, Blackcurrent, Cinnamon
Palate: Cassis, Blackberry and a nice dark chocolate
Length: Medium minus. Not a lot of acidity but just enough to make this a nice sipping wine.
Balance: Well Balanced with fruit forward flavor
Complexity: One of the most complex wines you will enjoy at this price point.

Let me start by explaining my comment about its complexity. Usually when we talk about complexity, we are looking at the tannins, the acidity, the aromas and how they work with the palate and the ability of a wine to pair with food. 

But we also have to consider the price point. Wayne Gretzky Okanagan Cab Sauvignon / Syrah is a blend that comes in under 20.00 in most markets. That’s a bargain for a wine of this caliber.

That’s why I gave this wine a nod towards complexity….it really delivers great quality and complexity at an approachable price.

Stephanie Stanley is the Canadian wine-maker for this iconic Canadian red wine. Here’s what she says about this labor of love:
“Our 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah was hand harvested from the finest vineyards in the Okanagan Valley. The grapes were gently crushed and managed to promote smooth tannins, complexity and depth.
This medium to full-bodied blend exhibits flavours of cassis, blackberry, dark chocolate, ripe berries, cocoa and a hint of coffee linger on the smooth, long, finish.”

I don’t always believe in wine-scores, because they can’t always represent the quality of the wine for the price point.

In terms, however, of comparing Wayne Gretzky No 99 Cab Sauv Syrah 2012 against other wines in the under $20.00 price point, I give this wine 99 pts!