Broadbent Madeira Boal 1978


I stumbled across this wine quite by accident a couple of weeks ago in a local liquor store. After sharing a bottle with friends, we purchased all that remained.
Why did we like it? 
Broadbent Madeira Boal 1978 is refreshing. Sure, it’s sweet, but it’s not cloying. To look at it, with its oxidized brown tinge, you expect it to be thick & syrup sweet . But it’s actually more medium in body with the sweetness balanced by perfect acidity. 
We paired it with everything we could find to fit flavor profiles – and snacking habits.
It worked with Dorito’s. It worked with Chicken Crepes. It worked with Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad. It worked with Cheesecake. 
It’s a really fun wine. Once you open it up, you just want to finish the bottle.
Where does it come from?
Madeira is an island off Portugal. Considered a resort area, its excellent climate attracts tourists all year round.
Madeira Island’s literal translation is “Island of Wood”, due to dense forests of laurisilva trees.
Which grapes are used?
To make this wine, the Boal white grape is fermented and styled to reach 19% abv.
What makes Broadbent Madeira Boal 1978 so special?
According to the rules, the 1st thing is 20 years in oak and the noble grape used has to be from a single year.
The thing to remember when you’re buying Madeira, is no matter what you’re paying, it’s going to be a great value, just on longevity alone. It’s indestructable! Open bottles can be left indefinitely, with no deterioration.
You’ll enjoy every return visit and will miss it when its gone.